Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mojito chicken. Sliced chicken breasts marinated and then broiled in lime juice, honey, rum, and mint. Posted by Picasa


JD said...

That looks fantastic! Care to share the recipe? All Recipes did not hook me up!

I am glad you are back. I was getting disheartened seeing melty cookies every day!

Kt said...

I made it up! :)

Originally it was supposed to be the Barefoot Contessa's tequila-lime chicken, so you could start with that. There wasn't any tequila, though, and no demand for a whole bottle there ... and I like rum oh so much better, so I suggested mojito instead of margarita. Juice 2-4 limes, depending on size and tartness desired (I like it lime-y), mix with a couple of Tbs of honey, some rum (to taste), a couple of Tbs of oil, a dash of salt and pepper, and some crushed mint. Marinate for 1-2 hours, not too much more or the acids will start to cook the chicken. (And in this case, make it too strong for kids.) Drain and then broil or grill til done. We used chicken breasts, but other parts would work, maybe better. Baste the chicken as it cooks and, if you like, sprinkle it with a bit more mint once it's done.

And thanks! It's good to be back!

Anonymous said...

That't going to be tonight's supper---sounds fantastic!

JD said...

Thank you! It has finally cooled down enough that I can turn my darn oven on again!