Friday, March 02, 2007


Happy Purim! I made three kinds of hamentaschen--poppy seed (my favorite), raspberry, and apricot. The dough is a soft, sugar-cookie type, filled with poppyseeds, raspberry preserves, or apricot preserves. This weekend I'm going to make more poppyseed cookies and some Nutella-filled ones. The recipe for both the dough and the poppyseed filling are in Marcy Goldman's A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking.


Susan said...

Oh my god! I made hammantachen yesterday! Prune are my favorite- but I couldn't find a can of Solo prune filling, and I went with poppy seed, apricot, and chocolate chip!

Happy Purim!

Susan said...

My recipe for the dough comes from Erica's mom! It has a nice hint of orange from juice, but I also put in the zest of the orange. I like the combo of the orangy cookie with the chocolate insides. Nutella - what a great idea!

ELR said...

I am not even sure *I* have my mom's recipe! Your batch looks yummy, can I have 1 of each? :)

Kt said...

Mmm, the Nutella is so good in these. Come on up today and you'll be good--otherwise I don't know that there'll be any left! I'll even put candles in it for you. Or there's a green cupcake (chocolate with green buttercream, that is ... not mold, lol.)

I like the idea of orange juice/zest in the dough. The recipe I used includes that as an option, but I've only used milk so far. The poppyseed filling does have orange zest, though (and dried cranberries, instead of raisins.)