Friday, May 30, 2008

Lemon Layer Cake

Happy birthday to my favorite (and only) sister! The cake is lemon ... the filling is lemon curd ... and the icing was described as tasting like lemon sorbet--light and tangy and sweet. Just not as cold. I mixed up a regular recipe of the cake batter, but I put it in two 6x2-inch pans. I made one small cake for today, and now have a second one all ready to go in the freezer.

Just a slice ...


J. said...

t'was past midnight and all was quiet

and I was hungry; u know?- a damn diet!

craving some candy, fudge or hot dog,

I came to my yummy place- KT's blog.

snickerfude or cookies I can not make,

even doubt if I can pull off a banana shake.

culinary adventures I do not partake;

and this ineptness gives me heartache.

t'was then that I saw the lemon cake!

and cravings for sweet sorbet kept me awake.

knowing I can be stuck here all night long...

I closed my computer, and attempted a song.

t'was very quiet and nothing would stir;

except the wind chime and the cat's gentle purr. point has completely missed her!

Happy Birthday! KT's sister!!!

Anonymous said...

I can almost taste it!