Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Double Chocolate Pudding

This is not an ordinary chocolate pudding--not the powdered stuff from boxes, nor the seemingly forever-lasting kind from plastic cups in the supermarket. However, this is also not a pudding that everyone will like, I suspect. It's very dark, very rich--and while I'm quite willing to go to the chocolatey dark side, some might prefer something a bit less intense. And they're more than welcome to make their pudding however they wish. The recipe is from the fabulous Dorie Greenspan.


ELR said...

Looks great! A2 would love it...he's my pudding boy.

sara said...


Amna said...

It doesn't look that intense lol..rather yummy..oh and you don't have to make it up for not posting for a while now because you posted twice..Haha! The salad looks good for a hot Houston summer afternoon..Yum!