Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vacation Food

(go on, click ... you know you want to) I think seafood is obligatory in New England, if'n you're not a vegetarian, that is. And I'm not. I just returned from a few days in Maine, where we had some of the best lobsta rolls evah. Go to Tubby's, avail yourself of New England's Best Ice Cream, and pick up a large, made-on-the-spot lobster roll that contains no added nothing, just the way it should be. It was so good we had to have another one the next night. Having more time and inclination, we had a little more to go with our dinner that night: lobster rolls, tomatoes with fresh feta, and local green beans. One night I even cooked: shrimp and huge sea scallops with fresh tomatoes, onions, and a little smoked mozzarella, with local green beans on the side. Theme and variation yes, but so good. Happy Birthday to my mom! A belated celebration with lots of yummy cupcakes and fresh raspberries. We ended up quartering them so we could all taste all of them. A quiet celebration on the actual night, with just the two of us but three of Tubby's fabulous flavors: peanut butter (which we both loved), coffee chip, and the requisite black raspberry.


Cherie said...

oh man! I am drooling!

Kt said...

It was sooo good!