Monday, October 20, 2008

ABC Gingerbread Cookies

Do you remember ABC* gum, the gum you were told never to accept if offered? Well these are ABC gingerbread cookies, at least in name only. One cookie cutter had its arm chomped off, one is missing a leg, and the third had its head bitten off. I think they're hilarious. Originally, I had plans to make these into lollipop cookies, but I started to feel sorry for them as they were baking and decided they didn't need be impaled on sticks after being thrown in a hot oven. The recipe makes a lot of cookies ... A few cookie guys dressed in pink. Actually, some of them look like dinosaurs to me. Sadly, this guy couldn't take it anymore and plunged to his death under my dining room table. RIP ABC cookie guy. *ABC = Already Been Chewed


Sara said...

hahaha! Cute. Not to mention delishus

Jennifer said...

I have these and they're hilarious! However, my recipe is missing the amount of butter/marg to use, so I make it up as I go. Do you know how much there's supposed to be?