Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, if somewhat belatedly! Sometimes it takes a while getting back from the festivities--it's a long drive home, you know. My mom and I cooked up a storm. And with family visiting from the north, there were plenty of people to help eat it all. Once again I made maybe too many desserts--four for eight people--but they were all so good. And long gone, alas. Life is short, eat dessert first Carrot cake, with cream cheese icing and pecans Apple crostata Pumpkin chiffon pie Chocolate-mint semifreddo, studded with teeny tiny peppermint patties that taste like mini thin mint cookies. SwimmerGirl and I made this one, which was cool and creamy and refreshing. The main event A mountain of mashed potatoes; Mom's famous stuffing with cranberries, apples, pecans, and other good stuff; and cranberry-orange sauce Homemade applesauce, gravy, and a Cabernet sauvignon cranberry sauce Mashed buttercup squash with butter and brown sugar And of course, the roast beast, a very tasty 15 lb. turkey Many hours before the main feast Breakfast included an apple coffeecake drizzled with a maple glaze a strata made with three cheese, challah, and shallots and lots of fresh fruit


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Cherie said...

I am so drooling right now! Everything looks for amazing! I want your carrot cake recipe!

J said...

KT I am soooooo craving this right now!!!

you think I will see how it looks on this blog?

Ali said...

The Carrot Cake looks amazing!