Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not-So-English Muffins

Saturday was a snowy day, so I stayed in and tried out some new recipes. These muffins, which have little to do with England or traditional muffins, were among those I tested. The recipe was intended for a breadmaker, but it was easy enough to mix up in a regular bowl. The cooking, kind of unusually, was on a griddle on the stove. What I ended up with were slightly smaller than standard English muffins, but toasted and spread with butter and strawberry jam? So good! And the "fork split" thing happens all on its own--which is kind of cool when you think about it.


sara said...

I've been meaning to make english muffins too! So tell me, how'd you get the shape? I was tempted to buy the english muffin rounds (because who doesn't need more kitchen crap?).

Kt said...

Cookie cutter! Do you have any of those sets of multiple-sized round biscuit cutters? I actually used the fluted edge one, as I couldn't find the round ones at that particular moment. The recipe said to use a 3" cutter, but I'd use something a little bigger, if you have it, as they puff up and pull in a bit.

sara said...

I have short glasses that I use for biscuits that are about 3 inches...I could use those. Unless I really needed more kitchen crap. :)