Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Real food too

Lest anyone think that I only bake sweets, here's some real food from the other night. The chicken and polenta were loosely based on some recipes in the Feb. issue of Bon Appetit. I added citrus to the chicken, of course, along with dijon mustard, a little rosemary salt, and a healthy dose of chardonnay. The polenta was cooked in milk and water, mixed with parano and aged cheddar cheeses and topped with scallions and sauteed baby bellas. The beets, my favorite, were roasted at the same time as the chicken, then peeled and sliced and mixed with the blood oranges, which were fabulous. Oh, and there was a Linzer bundt cake for dessert, leftovers from a yummy meal with friends the night before. It's hard to go wrong with chocolate, hazelnuts, and raspberry jam!


Sara said...

Damn! Your pictures always make me hungry. I think you need to move nearby so I can invite myself over for dinner. :)

Kt said...

No ... you should move closer to me! Seriously, y'all should've come over for dinner tonight.