Monday, June 04, 2007

Dinner: Impossible--A-Z edition

As part of last week's Scripps National Spelling Bee, Chef Robert Irvine prepared a meal for over 1,000 people with a special challenge--using foods with all the letters of the alphabet. Irvine hosts the Food Network show Dinner: Impossible, and to his credit, some of the ingredients were pretty well disguised. For the letter "U," for example, he made a tasty tapenade for the chicken that included umeboshi plums, Japanese pickled plums that are quite salty and thus matched very well with the Kalamata olives. The meal included an elaborate fruit salad to start, followed by a coleslaw-like salad, and chicken stuffed with spinach on a bed of mixed vegetables. The kids had fried chicken on mac n' cheese, while vegetarians, both young and old, were presented with soft polenta on top of a slightly creamy tomato sauce, all of which was topped with a vegetable saute. Dessert, pictured above, was strawberries with a creamy zabaglione, a tiny round of cake, cream, and more strawberries drizzled with chocolate. Did Irvine succeed in using all the letters? The spelling bee episode of Dinner: Impossible will air in late July or early August.

Chef Irvine discussing the challenges of the spelling meal.

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