Saturday, November 08, 2008

Gingerbread, Guaranteed

Maybe I'm the only one, but when I get something that is so excited to tell me how fabulous it is and that it's even guaranteed, I tend to question it. Is it really that great? Why are they trying so hard? Skeptical, that's me ... but in the case of this gingerbread, the guaranteed recipe came from King Arthur Flour, and they should know what they're doing. However, because there are so many gingerbread recipes out there, and many are not so fabulous, I decided to try this one. And it turns out they're right -- the recipe is great. It's light and spicy and not too sweet, accented with bits of crystalized ginger throughout. This is another good use for leftover buttermilk, instead of, say, putting it in your coffee. Ahem.


J.J said...

The buttermilk in coffee was a GENUINE mistake!!! I will never live that one down will I?

Kt said...


MaryJane said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the Guaranteed Gingerbread recipe. We really put a lot of thought and testing into those recipes before they could earn a 'Guaranteed' status. If you get a chance, try the chocolate cream pie. It was my favorite!

Happy Baking!

MaryJane @ King Arthur Flour