Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jacques Torres' Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone has a favorite chocolate chip recipe. I have several, now including this one. Chef Jacques Torres' recipe for chocolate chip cookies is fairly straightforward, but it calls for well over 1 lb of chocolate, and even with the amounts of butter and sugar, it just seemed like too much. I put in 1.5 Scharffenburger 62% chocolate bars (which is fairly bittersweet, despite the number), so about 14 oz all chunked up, reduced the sugar some, and added about a cup each of chopped up pecans and toasted almonds. My preference is for a soft cookie, so I watched these carefully and took them out of the oven before they became too browned and they turned out chewy and soft and delicious. And, as you can see, they're not lacking in chocolate.

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