Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family Dinner

After a quick trip north for the weekend, we had some family over to visit last night. Dinner mid-week isn't always easy, but this menu was fairly easy to put together, giving us plenty of time to chat and catch up. The chicken, which has become a staple around here, marinated while the other things were made, and then it was grilled as we had drinks and snacks. We also had French potato salad, which is full of herbs, mustard and olive oil but no mayonnaise; roasted artichoke hearts with red peppers; a watermelon salad with olives; pineapple; and a big green salad and bread. Not shown is the homemade French vanilla ice cream we had for dessert, topped with warm black raspberry jam. Some added tiny (but rich) chocolate brownies ... yum. Somehow in the midst of all that goodness I forgot to take any pics ... and the ice cream is now long gone, alas.

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