Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Is ... Coffee Chip Ice Cream

Coffee chip ice cream is one of the best flavors there is--chocolate chip, done right, being the absolute best. Done right meaning with slivers of shaved or finely chopped dark chocolate. Tonight we made coffee chip ice cream, done right, and it was delicious. The coffee ice cream recipe came straight off the pamphlet that came with the ice cream maker, and we added the chocolate, 3 or 4 oz, in the last few minutes.


janice said...

Wow- That ice cream looks incredible- coffee is my very favorite! New follower- looking forward to seeing more!
:) janice

Kt said...

Thanks Janice, I'm glad you stopped by! Looks like you've been making ice cream too. I was just thinking of making some with some thin mints I discovered.