Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lobstah and More

Fabulously huge, simple, delicious lobster rolls -- no lettuce, no celery, or other fillers. Just lots of lobster and a tiny bit of mayo. It's not hard to do, but many get it wrong. Tubby's lobster rolls are great. And while you're waiting, you can sample their ice cream, in teeny tiny ice cream cones. We also had, um, copious amounts of ice cream from another local ice cream spot. Our two favorite flavors are black raspberry chip -- which is known as Maine black bear -- and coffee chip with slivered almonds and chocolate cookie pieces. Cooking out ... the fire was a bit reluctant to get going, but once it agreed to burn, we had grilled chicken, with local green beans and peaches that we'd brought up with us. They don't have peaches like that in Maine.

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