Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate Overload Cupcakes

More cupcakes this weekend, this time chocolate on chocolate. I used the Barefoot Contessa's chocolate layer cake recipe, more or less, with a rich chocolate frosting that I came up with. I needed something a bit sweeter than a traditional buttercream but didn't want the too-mild, back-of-the box recipes that were more like vanilla with a hint of chocolate. The end result was very chocolatey but sweet and creamy, too. The kids ended up with cake and frosting on their faces--and the adults might have, if no one else were around.


Ravenous Couple said...

Thanks for visiting our page and letting us know how the ga kho turned out!! So glad you and your family liked it! Btw, these cupcakes are gorgeous!

Kt said...

Thank you! I love your site!