Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chocolate-Guinness Cake

Continuing the Guinness theme, I made a chocolate cake with it for St. Patrick's Day. The cake was rich and moist but light at the same time. The frosting, not the one paired with the cake recipe, was incredibly dark and chocolatey. I actually added a bit more sugar because it was too dark at first. And because I didn't have a pot of gold handy, I caramelized some hazelnuts and added them as a simple decoration around the base of the cake.

Dinner was more like brunch, and it wasn't overwhelmingly Irish. It was good, though: baked tomatoes with breadcrumbs and herbs, soft scrambled eggs, and asparagus. 

Mushrooms sautéed in Guinness

Cheesy baked hash browns

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Anonymous said...

Guiness mushrooms are going on my short list!

sara said...

how did the shrooms turn out?

Kt said...

They were good! Very flavorful ... definitely recommend them.