Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Parmesan-Zucchini Tots

The grand plan this summer was, since it's so popular here, to grow our own zucchini.  I bought a few seedlings and ... well, they're not progressing quite as well as I'd hoped.  Paying more attention to them probably would help.  In the meantime, there are some great local farmers markets and farm stands to keep us going.  I've found via Pinterest a bunch of zucchini recipes I want to try, including this one, for zucchini tots.  These are crispy little mini muffins made with grated zucchini, cheese, bread crumbs, onion and egg.  They're super simple to make--and eat.  I used parmesan today, but I  think they'd also be really good with smoked gouda or an aged goat cheese.  Also, you'll probably want to double this recipe--I did, because 12 little bites just wasn't going to be enough.


Heather said...

Have you tried zucchini on the bbq yet? It's amazing. THin 1/4 inch slices lengthwise, tossed in oil, amybe a little balsamic (the good thick stuff) salt, and then just grill them. Soooooooo yum.

Kt said...

Oh yeah, we've had a lot of grilled zucchini! SwimmerGirl loves it grilled (esp. with cheese on top.) I love the balsamic touch, though.